PAM: TRiE Owner/Ace Personal Trainer/ Ace Health Coach
Fitness is more than a career for Pam, it’s a lifestyle. And in the words of her favorite one-liner, “When we try, when we sprint through our fear, that is where we excel.” And that my friends, that’s what TRiE Fitness is all about. A sports nuts herself, she loves leaving a workout dripping with sweat and feeling the burn!  Pam’s genuine heart and passion for helping you achieve your goals will help you transform your life into a well-rounded and healthy routine.
Kelly: TRiE Vice President/Certified Group Instructor/Certified Cycling Instructor
Kelly’s Favorite TRiE Quote:  "Your Mission in Life is to be the best version of yourself: Mind, Body, and Soul."  Kelly grew up with a passion for sports and physical activity and fell in love with TRiE Fitness after her first class.  The challenging mix of class variety and positive atmosphere had her hooked. A collegiate athlete, she learned the self-discipline, dedication, and camaraderie from a team of athletes much like the atmosphere at TRiE Fitness. In addition to overseeing the day-to-day operations, her goal is to provide encouragement and enthusiasm to members while challenging them to be their best.
Danielle: Ace Certified Personal Trainer/Certified Group Instructor/Certified Cycle Instructor

Meet Danielle! An ACE Certified Personal Trainer. When she’s not off camping or motorcycling, you’ll likely catch her in a pair of cozy sweats or cruising down a Wisconsin back road with her family. When it comes to working out, as Danielle loves to say she “can’t stop, won’t stop.” Danielle is a lover of TRX, Kickboxing,  and Rocking your Core. Whether it’s traveling around the world or in this week’s spin class, she goes all in every time. Her motto: "I will try anything at least once."
Katie: Certified Group Instructor

Wake up. Workout. Be happy. REPEAT! Meet Katie our Certified Group Instructor who specializes in SWEAT, our version of HIIT.  This girl is a bundle of positive energy who believes "gym life is best life!".  Katie is motivated in setting a positive, healthy and fun lifestyle for her children. Outside of her Gym Life Katie enjoys going camping with friends and family gardening. She loves having food garden to table from her very own green house/garden.  "What seem impossible TODAY will become your warm up TOMORROW!"

Mel: ACE Certified Personal Trainer/Certified Group Instructor
Mel, joins TRiE Fitness as an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, a Group X Instructor with a profound passion for Fitness. She specializes in Boxing, Small Group/Personal Training and Functional Fitness Classes. Mel is an entrepreneur at heart.  Owning her own business, Mel understands the dedication and determination that is needed in setting goals, sticking with them, and pushing beyond those goals.   Mel, and her “don’t sweat the small stuff” attitude, is invested in inspiring, motivating, and encouraging others to stay active.   She is ready to motivate her clients with skill, authenticity, and commitment.
Emily: ACE Certified Personal Trainer/Certified Group Instructor
Emily, a long time TRiE Fitness Enthusiast specializes in Small Group and Personal Training along with Functional Fitness and Cycling Classes.  Emily's  Passion for Fitness has been lifelong as she has participated in high school activities, and continues to practice that  love for fitness by working with high school athletes in and out of season.  She provides them with strength and agility workouts to help them perform at their best.  She loves providing an atmosphere where they can learn and encourage each other.  She brings that same enthusiasm to each of her classes at TRiE!  Emily is driven by being an instrumental part of our TRiEbes Fitness Journey.  Her favorite TRiE quote: When we try, We are living our purpose.
Kelly: Yoga Instructor RYT 200
Patience, Dedication, and Love for Yoga and You is what Kelly brings to each class.  She is a Registered Yoga Teacher RYT 200. She shares her passion for Yoga by showing you the many benefits we gain when practicing yoga.  Kelly is motivated and driven to inspire TRiE Fitness Clients to focus on the “i”. This IS about you.  Also, a fitness fanatic herself, Kelly, in addition to Yoga,  loves to mix it up with HIIT Classes, Boxing, Running, biking, hiking, and x country skiing.